Sunday, January 17, 2010

a monstrosity in the works

I've been working on my dissertation for years now. I'm not slow in the wider grad. school scheme of things (unless you're talking about a science diss, in which came I'm way behind), but it feels like I've working on it forever. I remember a few years ago (!) when someone told me that for every grad. student, there comes a time when you suddenly spend 6 intensive months and finish the damn thing, albeit somewhat crazier and more badly groomed than you were 6 months before. But what's a little crazy and a few split ends against the satisfaction of a spanking new, complete dissertation? I thought the theory sounded bonkers, yet now I kind of long for a six months' trial by fire, as long as there's the promise of being done on the other end. Or maybe I'm in it now, and won't even realize till I'm a few months on the other side. There's enough misery going on that it would be nice to know that it's going to get better and not worse.

Ok, back to the monstrosity.

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